Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Eastern Regional Library Show 10th June 2009

Library staff members Lesley Conway and Pia Butcher run a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On 10th June show

Mid year can be stressful for students and their families. Mid-year exams, assignments due in by the winter holidays in two weeks time, school reports coming out. Now is the time to draw a deep breath and think about whether appropriate study habits are in place, and about how to do some things differently. In our libraries we are constantly talking to students and parents, and there is some basic advice we can pass on from our experience............
  • start looking for information and resources early. It may be necessary to order information from other branches or libraries, particularly if there is a class project on the same subject and the demand is high in your local branch.
  • be sure the student understands the topic or questions. If they don't, go back to the teacher and clarify. We see lots of good assignments in the library, but some ambiguous and poorly expressed ones too. You can ask for it to be explained better.
  • know what sorts of resources are needed. We are often told these days that teachers want to know that students have used resources other than the internet. This could mean using books, but also newspapers, magazines, dvds and cds too. If you know this from the start you are more likely to find what you need.
  • there is a difference between databases on the internet and Google. Google is an open ended search engine which retrieves information world wide, and from a huge range of sources. Students do not always realise that information they are using can be from an unreliable source. Databases which are made available from ERL's website are from reputable organisations which previously provided information in print form. You can for instance access a wide range of well-known encylopedias such as the Britannica; newspaper and magazine articles from The Age, The Herald-Sun, Choice, Time and many more; and resources which are especially useful for students such as Opposing Viewpoints.
  • check out the website of your school or university for study hints and information. You can also go further afield to the Education Department's site for example and a link to support material for students
  • classes to teach study technique are run by several universities and colleges over the summer holiday break, and sometimes in other holidays too. Check out your nearest community Living and Learning Centre also.
Music today was from A little nonsense, Charles Mackerras and the Pro Arte Orchestra, the soundtrack of The Wedding Singer, and Divas 2


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