Monday, July 23, 2012

Learn a new language online

Are you about to head off overseas and would like to be able to order a caffe latte in Italian, French, Indonesian or Japanese? Or are you a native Mandarin speaker and would like to brush up on your English conversational skills? Or would you like to develop your swashbuckling and improve your command of 'Pirate'? Than our new language learning resource, 'Mango Languages' is the place to go.

There are over 40 foreign languages to explore and over 15 ESL (English as a Second Language) courses provided. You can also learn Ancient Greek, Latin or Biblical Hebrew if you are of a Classical mind! My favourite is Pirate.... avast there landlubbers!!

Go to the Online Resources page on our website and scroll down to Language Learning to access Mango. You can also download an App from the Apple Store or the Android Market so that you can learn on your smart device.

Aurevoir, Paul.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ERL members saved over $62 million in the past year by borrowing from our libraries

Paul, our Manager - Information Services, has had his statistics hat on the past couple of weeks and shared some interesting comparisons....

Last year we had 2,042,407 people come through the doors of our libraries – this works out to 39,277 folks turning up each week. To put it into perspective it means that we are filling The Gabba, the Brisbane Cricket Ground, to capacity each Saturday for an entire year or playing to a sold-out crowd at Docklands stadium for 38 consecutive nights.

We have 126,444 members which is the equivalent of the entire membership of Collingwood and Hawthorn Football Clubs combined. Last year we joined up 15,304 members which is the equivalent of filling the Myer Music Bowl to capacity and still having a thousand people queuing up outside clamouring to get in.

Speaking of cultural institutions we had 91,209 people, large and small, come along to our adult and junior activities. This equates to filling the newly refurbished Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre for 34 nights – beat that KD Lang et al!

And as for loans…… well we have had a terrific year – 3,444,650 items have gone out and come back again. Now if we were to put a monetary value on these items you would get the following set of numbers for the main categories of items that people borrow (I have averaged out the RRP costs of these items):

  • Hardback Fiction – 923,000 items @ $20 an item = $18,460,000
  • Paperbacks – 226,000 items @$10 an item = $2,260,000
  • Non-Fiction – 465,000 items @ $25 an item = $11,625,000
  • Picture books – 430,000 items @ $15 an item = $6,450,000
  • DVDS – 727,000 items @ $25 an item = $18,175,000
  • CDs – 130,000 items @ $20 an item = $2,600,000
  • Magazines – 180,000 items @ $8 an item = $1,440,000
  • Graphic Novels – 25,000 items @ $30 an item = $750,000
  • eBooks – 29,000 items @ $20 an item = $580,000
Which makes a grand total of $62,340,000 that you, our members, have saved themselves by being members of the library…… membership certainly does have its privileges.

Well done everyone!!

Cheers, paul & webgurl

Congratulations to Amie & Tiana, winners of the Children's Storywriting Competition

Congratulations to the following winners of the ERL Children's Storywriting Competition:

Winner 6-8 years $75 book voucher - Amie - Pokey Puppy
Winner 9-12 years $100 book voucher - Tiana - Tommy and his Magical Powers

Andy Griffiths presented the winners with their prizes at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Mooroolbark Library.

Cheers, webgurl

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update: Healesville Library is now open until further notice

Healesville Library is now open until further notice. However the library may need to close later. We will keep you updated.

Cheers, webgurl

Healesville Library closed due to fire in the main street overnight

Due to a fire in the Main Street overnight and ongoing health concerns due to toxic smoke in the area, Healesville Library will not open to the public until cleared to do so by Yarra Ranges Health Department.

Regards, webgurl

Friday, July 06, 2012

Want to report an issue to your local council? Check out the Snap Send Solve app

I just discovered an amazing app to report incidents to your local council with your smartphone. With Snap Send Solve you can report damaged roads or footpaths, issues with hard waste or parking. The reports are emailed to the council responsible with your email address. You can also attach photos of the issue with the report.

Snap Send Solve (Android) | Snap Send Solve (iPhone)

Cheers, webgurl

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Congratulations to the winners of the Mt Evelyn Book Cover contest

There were so many amazing entries in the Mt Evelyn Library Book Cover contest (19 altogether), that it was a tough choice.

Rowanne and Andrea presented the prizes to the winners and Gil, an artist with Community Link, gave a talk on the merits of each winning entry.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Bethany (Winner 14-16 years)
Sylvia (Winner 12-13 years), Neal (Runner-up 12-13 years)
Lien (Winner 10-11 years), Ava (Runner-up 10-11 years)
Emily (Winner 8-9 years), Kyle (Runner-up 8-9 years)
Oscar (Winner 5-7 years), Sarah (Runner-up 5-7 years)
Josh special encouragement award

Bethany (Winner 14-16 years)

Lien (Winner 10-11 years)
Emily (Winner 8-9 years)
Sarah (Runner-up 5-7 years & the youngest entrant)

Cheers, webgurl

Returning to Work after a prolonged absence? Free information sessions that may help

Return to Work series

Swinburne is hosting a series of free morning tea events at the Lilydale and Wantirna campuses to promote the return to work program for parents. These information sessions will provide a unique opportunity for parents, particularly mothers, to identify their opportunities if they wish to return to work after prolonged time out of the workforce.

When: Thursday 19th July 10:30am-12noon - Wantirna campus
When: Wednesday 1st August 10:30am-12noon - Lilydale campus

Refreshments: Morning tea will be provided
RSVP: Complete the registration form
Enquiries: 9214 4535    

Children are more than welcome to come under parent supervision.

Cheers, webgurl