Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ERL Facebook is here!

Woohoo!! Yes, it has finally arrived - and we must say, there is much rejoicing and maybe a little happy dance going on behind the scenes as we launch our new Facebook Page.

What does our Facebook offer?
Well, we wanted to go with a fun approach - afterall, Facebook is for fun and socialising. Our posts are going to be the kinds of things you can enjoy and share with your friends. Covering everything from library and book humour to quirky trivia, family history, competitions, library events and library news, we certainly encourage people to "Like" us and pop us in their "Interests" list so as not to miss out on any updates!

Our Approach?
Need help with a project? Sure thing - jump on and tell us what you're looking for.
Not sure how to download an e-book? No probs - post us a message.
Having trouble with the catalogue? Good to know, we'll see if we can steer you towards what you're after.
Looking for something new to read and don't know who or where to ask? Hey, no worries - ask us.
Did you love an event you went to the other week? Hey, there are probably photos or spare handouts to share.

So, you are cordially invited to...
Talk to us! We heartily encourage people to approach us with all their library and information enquiries. This is a place where we want people to feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions and chat to us. This is a very exciting venture and we can't wait to hear from everyone.

So go ahead - "Like" our Eastern Regional Libraries Facebook Page... we know you want to...

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