Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Game on!! ERL's New Gaming Collection

Woohoo! Flex those fingers, crack those knuckles and refill your lounge room beanbags because Eastern Regional Libraries is launching a new Gaming Collection.

This is a collection that we have been aspiring to create for quite some time. Gaming is a well integrated segment of our culture, so naturally we are excited to include it as part of our service.

The Gaming Collection will be launched on Saturday 3 May at Belgrave, Croydon and Rowville libraries.

Here's how the new Gaming Collection will work:

  • We will start the collection in three Branches - Belgrave, Croydon and Rowville.
  •  We have bought games across three platforms - XBox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii U.
  •  Members will be able to borrow two Games on a card for two weeks.
  • The Gaming Collection is made up of both Juvenile and Adult titles - something for everyone!
  • There are age restrictions on particular games (just like the DVDs) - so our Junior members can only borrow G and PG titles, etc.
  • ERL members will be able to place holds on the games.

What are some of the titles included so far, we hear you ask?

The Assassins Creed Series, Fall Out 3, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto Series, Harry Potter, Bioshock, Little Big Planet, Sonic the Hedgehog, LEGO, Batman Arkham Series and much much more. Awesome!!

To search our Gaming Collection on the catalogue, simply type the name of the game or the platform that you are looking for (for example, type in "XBox" for XBox games) to see what is available.

Feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page with any queries. In the meantime... GAME ON!


Christopher said...

Absolutely brilliant idea, guys! I've loved the fact that the DVD section was so thoroughly expanded, and the game section is sure to be a hit! looking forward to it XD

Webgurl said...

Thanks Christopher! We're pretty excited as well.

Cheers, webgurl