Monday, September 30, 2013

Zinio Magazines - good news and bad news

Greetings everybody we just wanted to bring you up to speed with what is happening with the Zinio eMagazine online resource.

First the good news - we will be renewing our subscription to the resource. There will be 217 titles available which our members can download and keep on their device be it a PC, laptop, smart phone, iPad or tablet computer. We have had over 30,000 downloads since September 2012!

Now the bad news - a number of magazine publishers have chosen to remove their titles from the list of magazines available to libraries through Zinio.... and of course several of these titles are amongst the most popular with our members. Obviously the publishers were not making enough money from members clicking through and deciding to purchase a subscription for themselves. Here is the list of soon to be removed titles:

Australian Home Beautiful
Australian Men's Fitness
Australian Shape
Australian Sky & Telescope
Australian Yoga Journal
BBC Easycook
BBC Good Food
BBC olive
Better Homes and Gardens Australia
Bride to Be Australia
Business Traveller
Classic & Sports Car
Clean Eating
Combat Aircraft Monthly
Conde Nast Traveller UK
Cosmopolitan UK
Country Life
Country Living UK
Countryfile Magazine
Diabetic Living Australia
Digital Arts
Easy Living
Esquire UK
F1 Racing UK
Girlfriend Australia
Glamour UK
Good Housekeeping UK
Gramophone Magazine
Harper's Bazaar UK
Harper's Magazine
HELLO! magazine
House and Garden
House Beautiful UK
iPad & iPhone User
Italia magazine
Lonely Planet Magazine: Dream Trips
Macworld Australia
Marie Claire Australia
Men's Health Australia
Military History Monthly
Motorsport News
New Scientist
Practical Parenting Australia
Whole Living
Your Garden

As with all things digital there is a chance that the magazine publishers may choose to put their titles back into the Zinio for Libraries pool and we will be able to resubscribe to them. In the meantime several of the deleted Australian publications have an equivalent UK or US publication which we have subscribed to - eg: 'Marie Claire Australia' will go but we still have access to 'Marie Claire - US' and 'Marie Claire - UK'.

Our apologies but we are powerless in this circumstance.


UPDATE 2 Oct 2013 - there is currently a problem with Zinio as there are only 3 magazine titles available. We have contacted them and hope to have this rectified soon.

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