Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some features of the new Enterprise catalogue you may not have spotted

Well the wrapping is off and everyone is playing with the new Enterprise catalogue and we thought we'd share some of the new features. How many have you spotted? Complete list of Enterprise features


  • The new catalogue uses fuzzy logic searching - a “Did you mean…” message pops up to correct misspellings/typos, and gives results for related terms. People are used to this with web searching.
  • Searching for DVDs and magazines is even easier. Members can select DVD or magazines from the first drop-down menu and type in the title.
  • Relevance sorting of results. When a person does a search, the catalogue returns a relevance percentage for each search result and displays each result in order from highest to lowest percentage relevance. Results found in the Title and Author fields are weighted to be more relevant than results in other fields. An exact match in the Title or Author fields will result in a score of 100% relevance. A match in any other field will result in a lower relevance percentage.
    e.g. a search of William Shakespeare in all fields will display titles that have this name in the title or author or both first before any title that might have the name in subject.
    Results may also be sorted via publication date, title or author.
  • The brief results screen offers 3 ways to view the displayed results. List view includes summaries, thumbnail view has just the book covers and Cool Iris is a floating display of the book covers.


The catalogue now has content pages for subject links such as Business, Health and Employment. A DVD page on which we’ll be posting reviews of DVDs in our collection has been added. We’ve also added a page for Online Resources. The catalogue guide contains tutorials with screen images.

New titles

A slideshow has been added to the front page of the catalogue for new Adult Fiction.
A new titles page includes titles added to the collection in the current year:
Adult – CDs, DVDs (feature films, documentaries), Fiction, Non Fiction, Audiobooks, Large type, Graphic Novels
Junior – CDs, DVDs, Fiction, Non-fiction, picture books, teen


Members can place multiple holds by selecting titles and choosing Place Hold(s) from the Select an Action drop down menu at the top of the results.

My Account

  • Logging in via the login form at the left will take members straight to My Account.
  • Members can now suspend their holds themselves if they are going on vacation. As well members can edit the pickup location.My Account now displays the place in the hold queue. It is an approximate place as it shows the place within the entire consortium hold queue. ERL members have access to ERL items first so the actual queue place will often be shorter.
  • My Account now displays Payment History
  • Barcodes of items are included in the Checkouts. Great for magazine borrowers.


Members can create custom lists once they are logged into the catalogue. These lists will not expire. Lists created while not logged in will expire.

Important notes

Updating browser language for Australian date format
Some members may notice the dates displaying in US format MM/DD/YYYY. The new catalogue is set to display in the language setting of the browser. The default language on most browsers is English (US) and can be changed easily to English (Australia). Change browser language For members using the Chrome web browser add English (United Kingdom) and make this the default language.

Application error
If you get an Application Error has occurred error message please click the back button on the browser and refresh/reload the page. It is only a temporary error message. Alternatively you may reload the catalogue page in your browser by selecting it from your bookmarks/favourites.

Favourites are not available with the new Enterprise catalogue. However they may be maintained via the previous eLibrary catalogue and the report will still be sent via email. Members will need to be logged into the eLibrary catalogue using their userID and PIN to add, modify and view favourites.

Cheers, webgurl

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