Monday, February 04, 2013

Its the Onions that get you - Ranges Outreach Sausage Sizzle

What a lovely day - the hotplate was sizzling with sausages and the smell of BBQ onions wafted across the caravan park... Dee-lish, who could resist?

Eastern Regional libraries were out and about with the Ranges Outreach Vehicle on Tuesday January 27 with a free sausage sizzle at the Britannia Ridge Caravan Park and Doon Reserve Caravan Park to celebrate these new outreach destination points.

Some of our new members at Britannia Caravan Park.
Residents and travellers at the caravan parks were treated to both a hearty barbie lunch as well as new library memberships and access to all the goodies available on the Ranges Outreach vehicle.

Jess from Eastern Regional reported on the success of the venture. "It was a fantastic afternoon - everyone who came for the sausage sizzle joined up and just about everyone borrowed something. Was awesome to see so many people enjoying what the library had to offer."

Residents went home with DVDs, childrens books, best seller fiction - and they even ordered a range of materials to be sent up on the Ranges Outreach van on the next visit.

"I couldn't believe the stuff they had, bloody marvellous. And a sausage lunch," commented Brian. "I'm looking forward to seeing the little van come up again - they're going to bring me up some Grisham's I haven't read. Top stuff, great service."

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You never know what we're up to out there!

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