Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Eyes are still Burning - ERL raises $136.00 for Loud Shirt Day!!

Rose, Raelene and Federica at Rowville
Library celebrating Loud Shirt Day!
Everyone has a shirt hidden in their closet that seems to have a pulsing, radioactive colour energy that makes people squint. It's the shirts we love to hate and hate to throw away, but one day a year we can let that shirt shine with Loud Shirt Day on October 19th. In the spirit of the Fashion Meets Fiction exhibition, the staff at Eastern Regional Libraries brought together fashion with their love of books to raise funds to support hearing imparied children.

Loud Shirt Day is an initiative created by the First Voice Organisation that focuses on providing listening and spoken language therapy to deaf children in Australia and New Zealand. First Voice is a world class leader for the early childhood intervention and research for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Currently, First Voice have supported more than 1,000 hearing impaired children in Australian and New Zealand and perform almost 70 cochlear implant procedures a year.

And didn't the librarians look absolutely smashing? Eastern Regional Libraries raised $136.00 for Loud Shirt Day to go to the First Voice Organisation. Congratulations!

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