Monday, July 23, 2012

Learn a new language online

Are you about to head off overseas and would like to be able to order a caffe latte in Italian, French, Indonesian or Japanese? Or are you a native Mandarin speaker and would like to brush up on your English conversational skills? Or would you like to develop your swashbuckling and improve your command of 'Pirate'? Than our new language learning resource, 'Mango Languages' is the place to go.

There are over 40 foreign languages to explore and over 15 ESL (English as a Second Language) courses provided. You can also learn Ancient Greek, Latin or Biblical Hebrew if you are of a Classical mind! My favourite is Pirate.... avast there landlubbers!!

Go to the Online Resources page on our website and scroll down to Language Learning to access Mango. You can also download an App from the Apple Store or the Android Market so that you can learn on your smart device.

Aurevoir, Paul.

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